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This year, CERGE-EI welcomed 5 new faculty members, which ranks among the most important hiring successes in CERGE-EI’s history for faculty expansion.

One of them is Stanislav Anatolyev who came to CERGE-EI with the position of full tenured professor from Moscow´s New Economic School (NES). At CERGE-EI, he will be teaching econometrics, which is his principal field of interest in teaching as well as in research.



19 of the 22 students on the MA in Applied Economics program gathered at CERGE-EI one week before the new academic year officially began to take part in the Discovery Week. The principal goal of this event was to provide fresh ideas to an organization working with marginalized communities – such as prisoners – who weave hammocks for public spaces.


Not listening? Well, it’s only rational.

Inattention, why we’re all doing it, and why that’s rational – according to economics.

In the lead up to CERGE-EI’s unique conference on Rational Inattention, Associate Professor with Tenure and Researcher, Filip Matejka, provided a free crash course for students to get a rundown on the subject.

Fairly new to the scene and quickly evolving, the field of Rational Inattention in economics is, quite ironically, gaining attention. On Wednesday 24th of May, graduate students from around the globe, including Stanford, NYU, Columbia, UCLA and more, gathered in Prague to learn and discuss the core issues of the subject. Continue reading Not listening? Well, it’s only rational.

Invigorated by the Ivy League Experience

What do you get when you mix three brilliant students, The Dalai Lama and an Ivy League school? Inspired! Over a few months in 2014, Liyousew Borga, Vít Hradil and Branka Marković, journeyed to Princeton University to undertake their Doctorate in Economics alongside top scholars. Now back in Prague, these three CERGE-EI prodigies share their endeavors in the American dream.

As part of the Student Mobility program, PhD students are encouraged to conduct part of their dissertation research in a prestigious university overseas, including Princeton University. With this opportunity Liyousew, Vít and Branka were able to access a wealth of knowledge, guidance and connections that enlivened their PhD experience and enhanced their personal and professional development. Continue reading Invigorated by the Ivy League Experience

Interview with Veronika Jelínková on co-founding Metalearners.com and studying MA in Applied Economics at CERGE-EI


Taking a bit of time out of Veronika Jelínková’s busy lifestyle in global innovation hub, San Francisco Bay Area, we caught up with the Czech economist on launching Metalearners.com and studying at CERGE-EI.

Veronika, who studied the MA in Applied Economics at CERGE-EI after graduating from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, recently co-founded Metalerners.com, a movement that connects people who apply metalearning in their work. Metalearning is simply the art of learning anything smarter. It is a complex know-how that includes various areas such as emotional intelligence, biohacking, pareto rule, neuroscience, psychology, biology and other cool fields that help people unlock their superpowers.
Continue reading Interview with Veronika Jelínková on co-founding Metalearners.com and studying MA in Applied Economics at CERGE-EI

Perspectives on the European Economy: An Overview

On 24th of February CERGE-EI hosted a presentation, Perspectives on the European Economy, provided by the European Economic Advisory Group at CESifo. The conference explored a variety of hot topics that are examined in the EEAG Report on the European Economy 2016, which was released earlier in the week. The session included two co-authors of the report, John Driffill and Jan-Egbert Sturm, plus special guest, Kamil Galuščák of the Czech National Bank, and was chaired by Danial Münich of IDEA think-tank at CERGE-EI. Continue reading Perspectives on the European Economy: An Overview

Life after New Economic Talent: Interview with Salim Turdaliev

As we count down the days till The New Economic Talent 2016 deadline, we did a bit of reflecting on previous NET competitions. Last year, the top three of 138 submissions presented their thesis in Prague and a total of $1500 USD was awarded to winners. But the benefits of the competition go beyond just money and travel; we caught up with past NET finalist, Salim Turdaliev, to gain a fresh insight into the contest and his life in academia today. Continue reading Life after New Economic Talent: Interview with Salim Turdaliev

CERGE-EI Public Lecture: Sixty Years of Returns to Education with Prof. George Psacharopoulos

Psacharopoulos Lecture Photo

Over the course of his long career, George Psacharopoulos has made a deep impact on the way education is viewed from the perspective of economics. During his CERGE-EI Public Lecture on November 4th, Prof Psacharopoulos gave an interesting overview of the evolution of this research. He walked the audience through years of evolving theories and empirical evidence on the importance of education as both a personal and public investment, sharing a number of revealing facts and thoughtful insights.

See the full lecture with accompanying slides here:

Oxford University and CERGE-EI Cooperate on Economic Conference

oxford and cerge

The following article was written in Czech by Kateřina Surmanová for Hospodářské Noviny on September 29th. The original article can be found here.

CERGE-EI maintains that it ranks among the best economic institutes in the world.  Recently CERGE-EI cooperated with Oxford University in organizing an academic conference focused on the connection between psychology and economics. The prestigious English university specifically requested CERGE-EI’s cooperation in organizing and participating in the conference, and CERGE-EI researchers were given the job of choosing who to invite.

“It’s quite common for individuals to attend academic conferences abroad. But for one institution to invite an entire other institution is quite an honor,” said Filip Matejka of CERGE-EI, who has been specializing in the special topic of the conference (the theory known as ‘Rational Inattention’) since his time as a PhD student at Princeton University.

Filip Matejka
CERGE-EI Economist Filip Matejka








CERGE-EI already earned a good name for itself two years ago when it organized the first annual ‘Rational Inattention’ conference in Prague. Twenty top economists took part in that conference, including Christopher Sims, who is the 2011 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences and a long-time research collaborator with Matejka. “We have managed to convince our international colleagues that we know how to organize a top-level conference and that we have research expertise in the field,” mentioned Matejka.

Continue reading Oxford University and CERGE-EI Cooperate on Economic Conference

Moving On: Recent CERGE-EI Graduates Take Impressive Job Posts

The past three months have been busy ones at CERGE-EI. Since the beginning of June, six CERGE-EI PhD candidates have successfully defended their theses and received their Doctorate in Economic Science. This enormous personal achievement is the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and an endless thirst for knowledge. It is the pride of the whole CERGE-EI community to recognize these newly minted alumni and commend them for their stellar work and passionate commitment to their studies. They are: Anna Bogomolova, Martin Kuncl, Gurgen Aslanyan, Pavla Vozárová, Sherzod Tashpulatov, and Dragana Stanišić.

With their CERGE-EI doctorate in hand, several of these talented young minds have already secured jobs at impressive institutions across the world:

Martin Kuncl is working as a Senior Analyst at the Bank of Canada. His post is in the Macro-Financial Studies Division of the Canadian Economic Analysis Department.

Gurgen Aslanyan has taken a post as a lecturer at the Dilijan Research and Training Centre of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia.

Pavla (Nikolovová) Vozárová is an Assistant Professor at the Czech Technical University (ČVUT). She is working in the Department of Software Engineering at Faculty of Information Technology.

Dragana Stanišić is working at Accenture, a multinational management consulting firm. She will work as a Research Specialist for Growth and Strategy.

Anna Bogomolova is an assistant professor at the Economics Faculty of Novosibirsk State University.

Learn even more about where CERGE-EI graduates are working here.