CERGE-EI Alumni: Barbara Pertold-Gebicka

Barbara got her PhD from CERGE-EI in 2011 and she is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Aarhus University, Denmark. She is married to her former classmate, with whom they met at CERGE-EI.

Why did you decide to study at CERGE-EI? What were your other options?

During my last year of master studies I started working in a consulting company. When designing a pricing strategy for our customer, I have realized that I miss econometric skills. So I looked for post-graduate studies in economics. Originally I was thinking about studying over weekends or attending an intensive summer school, but I changed my mind once I came across the PhD programs offered by CERGE-EI and the Central European University (CEU). I recalled my earlier dreams about a career in academia and applied to both places. CEU put me on a waiting list, but CERGE-EI invited me to the preparatory semester. So I came to Prague…

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