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CERGE-EI at the Ball Game – HeavyHitters Slowpitch Softball Tournament

The spring tournament of Heavy Hitters raised its curtains on 5th of May, 2013. Together with another 15 international teams, the CERGE-EI Softball team played on the stage of this long-lasting charity tournament in Prague. The tournament had a rainy start and a shiny finish, which is also a perfect metaphor of CERGE-EI’s performance this year.

Facing injuries, unexpected quits and bad weather, CERGE-EI softball team seemed to have a gloomy journey at the beginning. However, our team fought through its way and ended up with a 10th place among 16 teams. It is not as easy a task as it looks – two opponent teams in our divisional pool approached to the final four and one of them won the title of the tournament. Away from the champion trophy, the spirit of sports, team work, and joy of the games are equally precious gains from the tournament. And here I would like to record all my wonderful teammates: Krajcovicova Zuzana, Kuan-Heng Lin, Dejan Kovac, Georgi Burlakov, Ilir maci, Ulianiuk Pavlo, Richard Stock (DNP, injury), Tomas Fiala (DNP, injury). I have reason to believe that we will have an even more successful tournament in the fall of 2013.

Written by Ba Lei

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CERGE-EI Sports: Students and Professors Run Together in 10k Race

Last weekend, seven CERGE-EI students and two CERGE-EI professors participated in the Palestra Kbelska 10K race in Prague. This was the 27th year of the race, which is one of the biggest cross country races in Prague. With Spring coming to the city, it was a great kick-off to outdoor sports and activities for CERGE-EI students. Hats off to these guys for running it the morning after the CERGE-EI beer party…

The professors and students were: Prof. Jan Hanousek, Prof. Fabio Michelucci, Dejan Kovac, Lin Kuan-Heng, Jakub Beran, Iva Pejsarova, Oleg Sidorkin, Leon Petani, and Myroslav Pidkuyko.


Life Outside CERGE-EI: Water Sports in Czech Republic

Czech rivers offer a number of opportunities for water-sport fans for self-realization. One can find stretches of the rivers of all difficulties, starting from calm rivers for beginners to world most difficult water slalom stretch of Moldau river called Devil’s currents located close to water dam called Lipno. That is why water sports are very popular in Czech Republic and therefor I would like to dedicate this sport blog to water sports, such as kayaking, rafting and canoeing. I will introduce rivers Moldau (Vltava), Luznice, Berounka and Sazava as they are the four most attractive rivers to visit. Nonetheless, the actual number of possible trips ranges beyond rivers mentioned here.
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In-line Skating, Running and Cycling in Prague

Dear sports fans, we’d like to inform you about different locations in Prague where you can go for running, cycling, walking and in-line skating. Prague parks and forests are great places to relax after hard work at CERGE-EI. Many of you have own sports experience in Prague to share, and we would be happy if you would do so. We have also prepared an interactive map with directions to mentioned sport venues. In our next blog post, we will expand the list with sports venues outside of Prague. So stay tuned!

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Life Outside CERGE-EI: Summer Team Sports

Sport is an excellent way to increase your effectiveness at CERGE-EI. Do not trust me? Run your own experiment 😉 With the guidelines prepared for you, experimenting will be easy. This series of blog posts informs you about the possibilities to relax your mind that Czech Republic offers. The whole story is divided into three big pieces: Summer sports in Prague, Summer sports outside Prague, and Winter sports. Remember that CERGE-EI wants to keep you fit not only intellectually but also physically, and reimburses up to 300 CZK per semester for your sport activities.
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In the Long Run Every Crisis Ends

I have always loved jogging and I have used to run regularly since I was at university. You know what I am talking about, the positive feeling and relaxation jogging gives you. However, I had never run a long distance before I decided to participate in  Palestra Kbelská 10km run. This event sounded very interesting, but I knew it would be difficult to run 10K and I didn’t have much time to train. Nevertheless, it seemed worth a try. And it was!
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My First Running Experience

To be perfectly honest, I decided to participate in Palestra Kbelská 10km run only to keep my friends a company. I remember that when I saw so many people of different weight, height and age, with shining eyes, looking forward to run, I thought they were crazy. I mean, seriously, how can one find running or any other kind of physical activity enjoyable? Anyhow, there was no way to avoid the race by that time. I didn’t have any other choice, I had to run.
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