Recruitment Trip to Croatia: PhD Student Dejan Kovac & the President’s Advisor Promote CERGE-EI Recruitment

The role of a CERGE-EI student is not just to study, attend lectures, and work on research. An important part of his participation in the CERGE-EI community is also to help recruit new students. Every ‘senior’ student has the opportunity to embark on such a quest. In fact this is not just an opportunity, but also a responsibility, because bringing new talented students to CERGE-EI adds an enormous value to the entire organization.

As a Croatian, I realized that my best opportunity to promote CERGE-EI would be while spending time in my home country. Thus my journey began at my alma mater, the Faculty of Mathematics, Zagreb University. I arrived there with a prepared presentation and lots of enthusiasm. I also had the honor to be presented to my audience by Professor Boris Cota, who currently serves as the Head Economic Advisor to the president of Croatia.

After a short introduction, the audience had an opportunity to get acquainted with not just the programs but also with everyday life at CERGE-EI. Most of the prospective students were interested in the academic part of the program and I was happy to answer all of their questions. Admittedly, there were some who were only interested in empirical research on the volatility of beer prices in Prague (in a less rigorous way)!

The recruitment trip did not stop there. I visited two more universities in Croatia where I had equally successful presentations of CERGE-EI. I’ve been corresponding for months after the recruitment trip with many of the attendees. It was a very rewarding experience and I warmly recommend it to all students.

When some of the students I reached out to have come to complete their studies at CERGE-EI, I am sure they will thank me for enlightening them about this life-changing opportunity. I will for sure do that to the recruiter who convinced me!

By Dejan Kovac 2nd year student