In the Long Run Every Crisis Ends

I have always loved jogging and I have used to run regularly since I was at university. You know what I am talking about, the positive feeling and relaxation jogging gives you. However, I had never run a long distance before I decided to participate in  Palestra Kbelská 10km run. This event sounded very interesting, but I knew it would be difficult to run 10K and I didn’t have much time to train. Nevertheless, it seemed worth a try. And it was!

The track was beautiful, cross-country in outer Prague. There were nearly 700 people and it was an amazing atmosphere with people of all ages and a professional organization. I had the feeling I was participating in some official event, yet it was lots of fun and music, fresh air and smiley faces.

The run was difficult and long as I had expected. However, there was a surprising determination in me and I started to enjoy all this. At the 7th km I understood that I was able to finish the run. You can imagine my enthusiasm after that moment. People on the side of the road were encouraging us. This was a great feeling that I can not put in words.

When I came through the finishing line I was hugging everyone and I was really happy that I had participated. This was just a great experience that I would never forget, and I want to thank all the other guys from the CERGE-EI Running Team for their warm support and encouragement. It was a great fun to run together.

Well, not everything went as smoothly as you might expect. 2 days after the run my left foot began to hurt and I could hardly walk. Luckily enough it came out that it was just an inflammation. I am almost healed right now. What about the future? I know that I will run a half-marathon and, maybe, a marathon one day. I’m just looking forward to it. I hope to see you guys there as well, you will not regret it.

Leon Petani, 1st year CERGE-EI student



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  1. Hi Leon,

    I really liked your post. Long-distance running is a metaphor for almost any big project one takes on in life. It involves planning, pain, exhiliration, encouragment from others, and the profound satisfaction of finishing something that was really a challenge.

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