In-line Skating, Running and Cycling in Prague

Dear sports fans, we’d like to inform you about different locations in Prague where you can go for running, cycling, walking and in-line skating. Prague parks and forests are great places to relax after hard work at CERGE-EI. Many of you have own sports experience in Prague to share, and we would be happy if you would do so. We have also prepared an interactive map with directions to mentioned sport venues. In our next blog post, we will expand the list with sports venues outside of Prague. So stay tuned!

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  1. Zlute lazne (cycling, running and in-line skating)
  2. It is one of the nicest paths in Prague for in-line skating, running as well as cycling. It offers you everything you need: beautiful views, green areas for relaxation and many small “energy-shops” on the way. Cyclists and runners can start their practice right next to the National Theatre but I would not recommend it for in-line skaters because of typical Prague cobblestone-paved surface. Instead, I would take tram no. 3, 17, 21 to stop “Vyton” or even further to “Podolska Vodarna” and start skating right next to the tram stop. From there just follow the bike-trail that goes along the river towards Modrany and Zbraslav. In-line skates can be rented directly there. For more information see the website.

  3. Ladronka (in-line skating)
  4. Ladronka is located at Prague 5 and it offers 3.46 km long asphalt path for in-line skating. It is short, but it offers you very nice conditions. Disadvantage is that due to quality surface there are often children training speed skating therefore  you should avoid getting into their way. In addition to that, Ladronka offers a nice restaurant where you can rest and fill your energy. How does one get there? Take the tram no.15 or 22 to the tram stop “Vypich” or bus no. 191 to the bus stop “Stefkova”. In-line skates can be rented there.

  5. Stromovka (cycling, running and in-line skating)
  6. Stromovka park represents another opportunity for running, cycling as well as for in-line skating, even though in this case the scenery substantially dominates the quality of surface which can be bumpy and covered by leaves. You can get there by taking red line subway to “Nadrazi Holesovice” and then take tram no.4, 12, 14, 15 or 17 to the tram stop “Vystaviste”. Cyclists have to bike from subway station as it is not allowed to take bike in the tram. I am not aware of a place where you can rent in-line skates in Stromovka, so you should keep that in mind.

  7. Sarka (cycling, running and in-line skating)
  8. Sarka is another beautiful forest area within Prague. Besides rollerblading (limited in some areas because of gravel surface), cycling and running you can go for walk, swim in the natural lake Dzban or simply have a picnic on the grass (which is also a nice change of scenery, right?). There are also few “energy-stations” but not so many of them. How can you get there? Take the subway (green line) to “Dejvicka” and tram no.26 to the tram stop “Nad Dzbanem” or “Divoka Sarka”. Again, all equipment has to be rented in advance. Bikers have to bike from Dejvicka (follow Evropska street) or you may try to find your own route.

  9. Letna (cycling, running and in-line skating)
  10. “Letenske sady”, a park around the street Letna, is another opportunity where you can practice. For in-line skating the conditions are not the best one, but it is the closest part from the city centre. It is definitely good enough for running and for biking around. There is a nice open air pub where you can rest and fill in your energy. How to get there? Take the subway (green line) to “Hradcanska” and then tram no. 1, 15, 25 or 26 to the tram stop “Milady Horakove”. Bikers have to bike from Hradcanska. Alternatively  you can go directly from the city center. From Old Town Square (Staromestske nam.) take Parizska street, cross the river and climb up stairs and you are right there.

  11. Stadion Strahov (in-line skating practice)
  12. For less demanding in-line skaters who just need a space to drill their technique, it is an option to go to Stadion Strahov where you can skate all around. There is a huge parking place which is mostly free and the terrain is ideal for skating. How to get there? Option no.1: take the subway (green line) to “Dejvicka” and take the bus no.217 to the bus stop “Koleje Strahov”.

  13. Prokopske udoli (cycling, running and in a limited way in-line skating)
  14. “Prokopske udoli” is a preserve area and you can spend more than a day exploring its hidden corners and its beauty. It is very suitable for walks and picnics, but you can enjoy cycling and running here as well. In-line skaters would face problem with leaves and branches on the road but it is worth trying it. Once you are there, do not forget to see its hidden lake. It is on your right hand side if going from Hlubocepy area. Also it is worth saying that few movies have been filmed there. How to get there? Take subway (yellow line) to “Andel”, take an exit to “Na Knizeci” (not towards the Andel shopping complex) and then bus 104, 120 to the stop. Then follow the walking path that leads you under the tram bridge, If you are cycling, take subway (yellow line) to “Smichovske nadrazi”

  15. Hostivar (cycling and running)
  16. Park Hostivar is another beautiful locality in Prague, very close to CERGE-EI dormitory Kolej Hostivar and it offers good conditions for running, cycling as well as swimming.  To get there, take subway (green line) to “Skalka” and take bus no.177 to “Selska” or bus no.154, 183 or 271 to “Repcicka”. Bikers will have to bike from Skalka or they can take train from the main station “Hlavni nadrazi” and get off at “Nadrazi Hostivar”. Do not forget that you must buy a ticket for your bike as well!

  17. Prague City Centre – Radotin (cycling)
  18. From Narodni divadlo cycle along the river direction Modrany, cross the river using railway bridge, continue towards Smichovske nadrazi, then you have to follow tram 12,14,20 towards the tram stop “Hlubocepy” and right after the tram stop, turn left, bike under the bridge and follow the sign for biking trails to Radotin. Except few parts within the city, it is a very nice bike-trip.

  19. Bechovice, Prague 9 (In-line skating)
  20. It is the only professional in-line skating area in Prague (even in Czech Republic) and it is free to public. The only restriction is that it is opened for public unless there is a training of professional in-line skaters that are usually on Mondays from 5pm-8pm, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6pm-8pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-12am (hours may change). You can get there by taking subway (yellow) to “Cerny most” and then changing for bus no. 109, 250, 261 or 269 to the stop “Bechovice”.

Rental places for inline skating:

Hamr Sport
ul. Vltavanů 1542, 147 00 Praha 4
tel. +420 244 462 467, +420 244 462 470

Hoffi Sport
Modřanská 120, Praha 4 – Braník
tel. +420 244 466 841, +420 603 440 527

Usedlost Ladronka
Tomanova 1/1028, Praha 6
tel: +420 844 444 844

Skala Sport
Čechova 3, Praha 7 – Letná
tel: +420 220 571 721

Rental places for bikes:

Praha Bike
Dlouha 24, Prague 1
+420 732 388 880

U hrusky 15, Prague 5
+420 602 562 256
(bikes, scooters, windsurfing and other sport equipment)

Okolo Bike Rental
Valentinska 11, Prague 1
+420 602 237 270

City Bike
Kralodvorska 5, Prague 1
+420 776 180 284

Dasa Katreniakova, CERGE-EI Sport Representative


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