Female Economists at CERGE-EI

Women economists remain underrepresented in leadership positions across the academic world, as well as in the private and public sectors. For this year’s International Women’s Day, we put together information about four of our female researchers to celebrate them and the tremendous work they do in the field of economics.


Alena Bičáková

Alena Bičáková joined CERGE-EI in 2007 and currently holds two positions: Senior Researcher and Deputy Director for Graduate Studies. Alena obtained her PhD in Economics at Johns Hopkins University in 2005. Her previous work includes research on the effect of minimum wage on welfare recipiency, the effect of welfare benefits on family structure, the impact of wage flexibility on the distribution of non-employed between unemployment and inactivity, and adverse selection and moral hazard in the consumer credit market.

Alena's paper entitled "Caught in the Cycle: Economic Conditions at Enrolment and Labor Market Outcomes of College Graduates" was recently accepted to be published by the Economic Journal. This paper is the first to look at the impact of economic conditions at the time of university enrollment on labor market outcomes later in life.

Klára Kalíšková


Klára Kalíšková obtained her PhD in Economics at CERGE-EI in 2015 and is part of the research team of the IDEA think tank. She currently holds the position of Assistant Professor at the University of Economics.

Klára's main research interests lie in empirical and policy-oriented research in the fields of labor economics and applied econometrics.

In one of her papers entitled “Career Breaks after Childbirth: The Impact of Family Leave Reforms in the Czech Republic”, which was co-authored by Alena Bičáková, she studies the impact of two reforms of the duration of parental allowance on the labor market status of mothers a few years after childbirth.

Martina Miotto

Martina has been a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Economics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences since September 2019.  Martina received her PhD in Economics from the University of Warwick the same year. Her research interests lie in the fields of development economics and economic history, with a special focus on the interconnection between the two.

Our first encounter with Martina's research was through “the Talking Economics! series” at CERGE-EI and her ongoing field research with the Bangladeshi female workers and the connection between their productivity and menstrual health care in the country. You can read her paper entitled “Menstrual Health, Worker Productivity and Well-Being among Female Bangladeshi Garment Workers” here

Mariola Pytliková

Mariola has been our Assistant Professor since 2016. She received her PhD from Aarhus University in Denmark, where she subsequently did her postdoctoral stay.

According to RePec (Research Paper in Economics), she is among the top 300 female economists worldwide and among the top 5% of authors. In the past, she held visiting stays at Princeton University, the University of Illinois at Chicago, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, and Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

Mariola's main research interests lie in the fields of labor economics and industrial relations, in particular topics dealing with the causes and consequences of international migration and ethnic labor diversity, wage structures and labor market dynamics, gender differentials on the labor market, and income inequality. In one of her papers, Mariola examines the causal effects of air pollution on migration in the Czech Republic after the fall of communism in 1989.

Women belong in science and we wish to have many more female economists join our CERGE-EI community in the years to come.


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