CERGE-EI International Food Party 2017

Food is culture – and culture connects. On 5 October students from more than 15 countries shared a part of their cultural heritage by participating in CERGE-EI’s annual International Food Party and by offering up traditional dishes representing their countries of origin. In celebration of this day, CERGE-EI welcomed faculty, students, and staff to this event taking place in the historical halls of Schebek Palace.

Students shared Italian Crostini (slices of grilled bread topped with cheese, meats, vegetables, herbs, and olive oil), Armenian Pomegranate Wine, Georgian Khachapuri (cheese-filled bread), Vietnamese Nem Cuon (spring rolls consisting of vegetables, pork, prawns wrapped in rice paper), and many other international dishes. Other countries represented were: Greece, Nigeria, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, and many more.

As is already evident, the party was truly international. Of course, the focus was particularly placed on Central and Eastern Europe countries, mirroring CERGE-EI’s mission, which is to expand the pool of elite economists in these regions.

Everyone enjoyed the different tastes of world cuisines, the company and the lively atmosphere of this event. Many new international friendships were made and many thoughts and ideas were exchanged. The International Food Party 2017 offered a wonderful opportunity to socialize while indulging in fine international cuisine.

For pictures from the International Food Party 2017, please visit https://www.flickr.com/photos/132955587@N02/sets/72157661203552978/with/36818323044/


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