Unveiling Human Behavior: A Recap of the #AlumniLive Seminar with Vojtěch Bartoš

The #AlumniLive seminar held in December 2023 featured Vojtěch Bartoš, a CERGE-EI alumnus and Senior Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Management, and Quantitative Methods (DEMM) at the University of Milan. The event was organized as part of the CERGE-EI #AlumniLive series, a networking initiative for CERGE-EI students and alumni, aiming to foster connections and provide insights into successful career paths.

Vojtěch’s research is marked by a commitment to understanding the behavioral intricacies of decision-making, especially within marginalized populations across both developed and developing countries. His involvement in diverse field experiments and internet-based studies in various countries adds a global dimension to his contributions.

In the first part of the seminar, Vojtěch delved into his personal career journey, sharing insights into the decisions and experiences that shaped his academic trajectory. This section provided guidance for students interested in pursuing careers in academia, with an emphasis on the challenges and rewards of a career in economics. Then, Vojtěch highlighted some of the most intriguing projects he has been involved in throughout his career, which led to being published in such academic journals as American Economic Review (Attention discrimination: Theory and field experiments with monitoring information acquisition), or Nature (Communicating doctors’ consensus persistently increases COVID-19 vaccinations).


The seminar also offered a unique networking opportunity for CERGE-EI students to network.  We believe that building bridges between students and alumni leads to new opportunities and professional growth.

#AlumniLive is a series of networking events for CERGE-EI students & alumni. We bring inspiring alumni to hold #AlumniLive Seminar or to informally network with alumni at #AlumniLive Coffee.

You can watch the recording of the seminar on the CERGE-EI YouTube channel.


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