Project Snapshot

Project Snapshot, 8-minute presentations by CERGE-EI faculty, researchers, students and alumni, took place as part of our Open Day last week. There were 12 presenters giving 11 presentations this year, the fifth anniversary of the event.

Presentations ranged from current research activities or research stays to future plans, and enabled a quick glimpse at what CERGE-EI people are working on.

We would like to thank all who spent these two hours with us, with special thanks going to all presenters.


  • Jakub Steiner: Attention Please!
  • Marek Kapička: Argentina’s „Missing Capital“ Puzzle and Limited Commitment Constraints
  • Ludmila Matysková: The Life After PhD
  • Jan Hanousek: Why Do Firms Bribe? The Persistence of International Corporate Corruption
  • Matěj Bělín: Time-Invariant Regressors under Fixed Effects
  • Mariola Pytliková: Quo Vadis? Determinants of International Migration
  • Christian Ochsner: Migrating Extremists
  • Kristína Hrehová: Mobility at DIW Berlin
  • Taras Hrendash: Term-Maps – Visualisation of Scientific Terms by Different Workplaces
  • Elizaveta Zasukhina, Jared Laxton: Cheap or Timely Drug? Practical Aspects of External
  • Reference Pricing Policy in the EU
  • Byeongju Jeong: Top Income Inequality in the United States


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