Restud Tour 2018: An Interview with Ctirad Slavik

For the first time, CERGE-EI will become a proud host of the renowned Review of Economic Studies Tour (Restud). Seven of the most promising graduating doctoral students in economics and finance in the world were selected to present their research to audiences at three universities across Europe (the first one being Queen Mary University of London and the third one the University of Copenhagen). Read our short interview with Ctirad Slavik, Assistant Professor at CERGE-EI, who is coordinating the event.

What are you looking forward the most at this year’s ReStud Tour?

I think the speakers will bring a lot of enthusiasm and passion about their work, as well as economics and science in general. This is something we should remind ourselves of all the time – doing research in economics is great!

How did you happen to be one of the coordinators?

I organized this event as a local organizer together with Nicola Fuchs-Schuendeln at the Goethe University Frankfurt in 2013, when I was faculty there. And just like Goethe University at the time, CERGE-EI has never hosted this event before (CEU is the only other place in Central and Eastern Europe that has ever hosted the ReStud Tour). I just thought CERGE-EI should organize it. And since I have the experience from the past, it seemed natural that I would step in here as well. Indeed, there are many other people helping with the event. Without their support, it would not even be feasible.

Do you have any special tips for the local audience?

Just go to all the seminars, not only to those in your field. Get inspired and learn, and do not be shy to talk to the speakers.

What is the biggest added value of an event like this, in your view?

We do not see economists of this level every day. The speakers will show us where economic science is moving, or perhaps, where it will be in the coming years. Back in 2013 I felt that the speakers were not some kind of geniuses. They are people like us, but they work on the right topics, at the right time, using the right tools. And, importantly, they work a lot, with a lot of dedication. It is useful to be reminded that this is how good research should be done.

Seeing several bright people presenting is always exciting. What is your advice to keep the inspiration from an event like this, how to make the most of it?

I think one should aspire to write papers that are as good as those we will see. And this is what I will try to take away from the event.



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