Graduation Gala Is Approaching! Read Why Some Of Our Guests Are Excited to Attend…

The CERGE-EI First Annual Graduation Gala is on Saturday, June 1st ! Students, family members, alumni, faculty and staff, and members of CERGE-EI’s governing bodies are all warmly invited. Don’t miss it! Here are some reasons why our guests are excited:

I am really looking forward to seeing Shebek Palace return to its past glory for one night of beautiful dining, music, drinking and dancing to celebrate with good friends in the grand atmosphere! I am so proud as a trustee if the foundation to have my husband and friends from London to join us in Prague for the Gala.

-Susan Walton, CERGE-EI Foundation Board Member the Gala Commitee Head

I will come to CERGE-EI Gala to meet old friends and to support an institution that I believe makes a real difference to people that attend it and to society at large.

 -Martin Kalovec, CERGE-EI Alumni, & Partner at Boston Consulting Group, CERGE-EI Alumni

After a few months spent on my mobility I am really looking forward to meet with all of you. I definitely like the idea of the Graduation Gala and I believe it to be the event everybody would like to attend each year. Come and help us to set up a nice tradition. Hope to see you all there.

-Tomas Miklanek, CERGE-EI student, former Student Representative

There comes a day in every CERGE-EI student’s life when you want to replace your every day worn jeans, messy hair and heavy books with a glass of champagne and a glamorous dress. It’s a chance to celebrate with your working colleagues and professors in beautiful surroundings.

-Jasena Kukavcic, CERGE-EI student

I am excited about graduation day and looking forward to the Graduation Gala, when graduates will make a symbolic walk to the next chapter of their life.

-Sophio Khozrevanidze, 2nd Year CERGE-EI PhD

I look forward to sharing the Graduation Gala with the students and faculty I’ve been privileged to know for the last two years. Shaking their hands and meeting their families and friends is my way of saying to them: Well done. Welcome to what comes next.

-Tamta Bakhtadze, 2nd Year CERGE-EI PhD


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