VIDEO INTERVIEW: Professor Ester Faia Discusses Systematic Risk in the Banking Sector

“One of the major legacies of the recent financial crisis is the quest for measuring, assessing and monitoring systemic risk.” Professor Ester Faia (Goethe University Frankfurt) writes this in her recent working paper, which she presented at CERGE-EI in February. Professor Faia is interested in myriad aspects of understanding monetary and fiscal economics. Her research explores, among other things, financial regulation, optimal monetary policies, and systemic risks. In her recent working paper, “Endogenous Banks’ Networks, Cascades and Systemic Risk”, she and her co-authors develop a dynamic network model to assess the diffusion of risk in response to financial shocks and different prudential policy regimes.

During her visit to CERGE-EI, she sat down for a brief interview with PhD student Dejan Kovac. Watch the highlights of the interview on the CERGE-EI Youtube Chennel, in HD!:


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