CERGE-EI Students Travel to Bergen for ‘Experimental Economics Course’ with Professor John List

Three CERGE-EI students (Jana Cahlikova, Vojtech Bartos and Tomas Miklanek) visited Bergen, Norway on October 15-19 to participate in an intensive PhD course with University of Chicago’s Prof. John List. Located on the banks of a beautiful fjord in Bergen, the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) provided the backdrop for the course, titled “Lab and Field Experiments in Economics”. The course covered topics ranging from field experiments in education, firms, economics of discrimination and economics of crime. John List also devoted substantial amount of time to covering the most recent methodological issues in experimental economics. He also shared his thoughts about the possible future development of the field.

The lively discussions and networking opportunities provided avenues for potential new research collaboration in the still emerging and dynamic field of experimental economics. Vojtech Bartos and coauthors Jana Cahlikova and Lubomir Cingl also had the opportunity to present their research findings in front of the whole class. They received valuable comments not only from John List, Bertil Tungodden (NHH), and Alexander Cappelen (NHH) – organizers of the event – but also from students interested in experimental economics from top European universities.


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