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Life Outside CERGE-EI: Water Sports in Czech Republic

Czech rivers offer a number of opportunities for water-sport fans for self-realization. One can find stretches of the rivers of all difficulties, starting from calm rivers for beginners to world most difficult water slalom stretch of Moldau river called Devil’s currents located close to water dam called Lipno. That is why water sports are very popular in Czech Republic and therefor I would like to dedicate this sport blog to water sports, such as kayaking, rafting and canoeing. I will introduce rivers Moldau (Vltava), Luznice, Berounka and Sazava as they are the four most attractive rivers to visit. Nonetheless, the actual number of possible trips ranges beyond rivers mentioned here.
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Under Angel’s Protection: Welcome to CERGE-EI Building

With no doubts, the environment is a very important element of our life. Culture we grow in shapes us as personalities. People we interact with may cardinally change our vision of the world. It would not be a surprise for you to learn that even the difference in climates can partially explain why Italians are so different from Swedes. But does the spirit of the building we work in matter? Let’s hope it does as the CERGE-EI building is associated with Angels.
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Call for Candidates: CERGE-EI Student Representatives

CERGE-EI announces a call for candidates for three Student Representative positions. Applications should be made no later than Sunday, March 13 by email, which should include your name and year of study, to the following email address:

Student Representative facilitate dialogue between the CERGE-EI administration and students, help students with dormitory, stipend, and other issues, take part in the organization of DPW, DW and other official events. Representatives are eligible for office space and the positions are equivalent to 12 hours’ worth of stipend assistantship.